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About our Clay Pipes

The use of Clay Pipes goes back centuries. There are hints, that the native North-American tribes were the first ones making Pipe-Like tools for smoking Tobacco. Learning that habit in their overseas colonies the English were the first Nation in Europe to make Clay Pipes and smoking the Tobacco imported from New England. Soon molds from brass, copper or iron were developed to have an easier mass-production, because the demand for Clay Pipes around 1700 was rising. Soon the Dutch and Germans were copying the processing and offered Clay Pipes as well.

Old German Clay Pipes is the brand for Clay Pipes with the widest range of styles in the market. Each of our pipes is handcrafted individually in molds. Slight inclusions, slight curvature in the stem or irregularities from one pipe to another are part of the beauty of these creations. The molds used to create the pipes are 120-170 years old, and are made from brass or iron.

To smoke the Clay Pipes, dip the stem into a bit of water, or wet it with your favorite libation. If the stem is not dampened before smoking, the clay will stick to your lips. But this moisture absorbing effect is desirable when smoking a pipe, because the pipe tobaccoes are normally a bit more humid.

After 12-15 times of smoking, the Clay Pipes discolor and residue from your tobacco will coat the bowl. Clean your pipe by placing it in glowing coals of your barbecue grill or fireplace. After 15-30 minutes, all the impurities will burn out of the pipe and it will come out of the fire as good as new. Repeated when necessary you can keep your Clay Pipe working well till it breaks.

Clay Pipes are the smoking tool that helps you to find out every single nuance of your Tobacco, because Clay has no ghost-flavors. That is why Tobacco Blenders use them for developing new Tobacco Blends.

We hope you enjoy your new Clay Pipe. With appropriate handling and care, you will experience years of smoking pleasure. Wholesalers are welcome to check in on where they find the full range of our Clay Pipe Collection.

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