For Pipe Clubs

We want to thank each of the 15 pipe clubs who contacted us regarding clay pipes for their clubs.

From a cultural standpoint, pipe-smoking, certainly in Europe and from the colonial period in America onward, is very likely the oldest way tobacco was used in a social setting. Pipe clubs, worldwide, carry on that tradition and cultivate a love for pipes and tobacco.

Today, pipe clubs are more than a handful of local pipe enthusiasts who gather once in a while to share stories and tobacco and talk about the pipes they love. Pipe clubs offer an invaluable service as a resource for introducing pipe smoking to a new generation, for sharing knowledge, and building a true community of pipe smokers.

The work of holding meetings, building friendships, imparting wisdom, testing and critiquing new tobaccos, offering blending seminars, organizing pipe shows and smoking contests is extremely rewarding but also very demanding. We at MarKen Pipes believe the work is important and needs to be supported. As a way of showing our support to the hard-working pipe clubs around the world, we want to offer 2 dozen free clay pipes to the first 15 clubs who reply to this post.

The following are the clubs who responded. If you are a pipe smoker and looking for a place to get together with other pipe smokers and live near one of these clubs, why not contact them and become a member of the club?

The Arizona Pipe Club
Hudson Valley Pipe Club
Kitsap Pipe Club, Poulsbo, WA
Christopher Morley Pipe Club, Philadelphia
New Jersey Fellowship of Pipe Smokers
Seattle Pipe Club
 Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club of Boston 
Pocono Intermountain Pipe Enthusiasts
Upstate Pipe Society (South Carolina)
New York Pipe Club
San Diego Pipe Club
Sons of Briar pipe club, Nashville
Zaragoza Pipe Club, Spain
New Orleans Pipe Club 
Wharf Pipe Club 

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