NEW Freehand Briar Pipe by Richichi Civitavecchia Italy without Filtre


A beautiful Freehand Briar Pipe by Richichi, Italy. Great Grain, natural Finish, a Beauty.

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This Briar Beauty is a Hand Made Pipe with a beautiful straight grain, check the listed pictures.

The Stem is made from Ebonite. This Briar Pipe does not have a filtre system, but can be used with

an Aluminum Condensor or Paper Filtres #5.

Pipe gives you an hour of a great smoking experience.

This Freehand is a Great Pipe for a Great Price on

59 grams Length 15,5 cm, Height 6 cm, With of Bowl  4 cm

(28 gm = 1 oz, 2,54 cm = 1 inch)

$59.99 sales price

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 2 in

15,5 cm


6 cm

Bowl diameter

4 cm


51 gm