Smooth Apple “Bruyere Garantie” 9mm Ebonite Saddle + Le Chevalier Tamper


Bruyere Garantie smooth Apple  9mm Ebonite Saddle + Tamper Le Chevalier + 1 pack of 9mm filtres

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New Smooth Apple “Bruyere Garantie” with 9mm Ebonite Saddle and Tamper Le Chevalier, France.

Pipe is in great new condition. Should be from the 1980s.

The bronce colored Tamper comes from Le Chevalier France.

A great Combo with a great price. Comes with a package of 9mm filtres.

33 grams Length 13 cm, Height 3,7 cm, With of Bowl  4 cm

(28 gm = 1 oz, 2,54 cm = 1 inch)

24.99 sales price

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 2 in

13 cm


3,7 cm

Bowl diameter

4 cm


32 gm